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Small Group Sessions with White Feather

Due to demand, we now have pleasure in offering the following for small groups of up to 6 people - enjoy an online session via Zoom connecting with White Feather. In what is effectively a smaller version of our online trance events, the evening will include an introductory talk by the spirit sage, followed by an opportunity for participants to ask questions. Duration 90 minutes. The evening can also be recorded if required.

Cost £65

Availability upon request, please check before booking - please email us

Click here to book

What they said........

"It was amazing, we have been so touched by it. Just beautiful. Thanks to you both and White Feather."


"The group session with White Feather, you and Sunflower was incredible! - I am so grateful to have been there. The philosophy and the questions were all so wonderful." 

"Thank you again so for the meeting with White Feather yesterday. It was truly magical and the energy has stayed with me all day. Feeling very blessed."

"I thought the session was excellent and the energy was very good. "

"We all absolutely loved it and I think it definitely helped us all to focus more on what we love doing and not to overthink.

I think we should be thanking you, your wife and white Feather for such warmth and honesty.  As we said that night it was a lovely energy. We haven't stopped talking about it yet and would love to do this again in a few months."

"Everyone absolutely loved it! I am so grateful to you, White Feather and Amanda! You all knocked it out of the ballpark."

"Your work is outstanding , you are a wonderful Trance Medium and I am very grateful to you for bringing  the love and wisdom from the spirit world to my family. I am so pleased that both of them are interested in knowing more of who they truly are and where they have come from. Today both my son and daughter took part , my Son made an extra special effort to be here and he was very impressed. Everyone has expressed a wish to meet again with White Feather and wondered if you would allow us all another opportunity to speak with him when it is possible. We all felt too that Amanda is another beautiful soul with a great warmth and kindness. She was so kind towards each of us today, please pass on our Thanks and appreciation to her.  We have been digesting what white Feather had shared with us today and feel a great deal of emotional comfort and inspiration from his words and his wisdom. So very grateful to you."

"Just awesome as always! I was amazed that in both questions I asked White Feather, he said no one had ever asked him those questions before. And what fabulous answers to all the questions."

"Thank you for such an uplifting and comforting time with White Feather, I realise we are in bumpy waters in life …and will be for some time yet … however It feels good to “check in” with that beautiful reminder of Love that is always there for us as we continue on our life’s pathway. The feedback from everyone was wonderful and all asked if we could meet up again. Amanda was so intuitive with what she brought to our conversations so a big hug to Amanda . With Love and Gratitude."

"I send a heartfelt Thank you for the experience with the great Spirit this evening. It’s a beautiful feeling to come to accept what is going on in the world and at the same time  understand how to rise above it.I send my Love and Appreciation to you both."

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