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David R Hawkins (Veritas Publishing)

Energy & Flow Studio

David Yates - cutting edge thinker and author

The Light - Alternative Newspaper

LifeSite News


IMPORTANT - SOLUTIONS / RESOURCES to combat Agenda 21 and 'the great reset'  NEW

This is an excellent website where you can post the truth about ADVERSE REACTIONS TO THE COVID VACCINE

Freedom Airway - Flights without vaccines, with Professor Dolores Cahill

UK Medical Freedom Alliance - doctors, scientists, healthcare professionals, advocating for medical freedom and reporting on effective treatments being ignored by governments and media

America's Frontline Doctors who went to Washington to tell the world they are successfully using hydroxchloroquine with their patients, with no deaths

The World Doctors Alliance - doctors, nurses, healthcare practitioners - to end lockdowns and restore our freedoms, especially medical freedoms

Reiner Fullmich - lawyer heading the Covid Commission to bring lawsuits on both sides of the Atlantic - regarding PCR tests and the number of deaths being falsified and exposing those who have been funded by big pharma to put out false information.   

in support of the lawsuits - all sources and references are at the end of the article

Canada's resource for opening businesses

Australia's resource for empowerment solutions / downloadable exemption certificates


THRIVE - Freedom solutions (long video but worth it.  Hear him talk about the Asian Dragon Alliance who have more money than the globalists and going to use it to help humanity).

James Corbett - independent investigative journalism

Informed Consent Action Network


Independent platforms -

Video sites: BitChute   LBRY   BrandNewTube (click on Replays)

Search engines:  DuckDuckGo, Qwant, Brave




Ask the Experts:  Covid 19 vaccines

Canadian Frontline Nurses Against Vaccines and Lockdowns

James Lyons-Wiler - Pathogenic Priming: Coronavirus Vaccine Safety Warning

America's Frontline Doctors - Brave doctors threatened, come forth

Top Surgeon, Lee Merritt, trashes myth that only vaccines will work on viruses