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This page features interviews that Robert has given on request to interested individuals and groups, speaking about his life's work as a trance medium, spiritual philosopher, spiritual coach and mentor and author of eight books featuring the teachings of White Feather, plus two of his own, bringing together science and spirituality.

Robert will always consider speaking freely to those who share his passion for truth and and the upliftment of human consciousness and considers it a privilage to continue pursuing the spiritual journey upon which he commenced at birth.

2023 - with Biba Logan, Ireland
2023 - with Chris Stephenson, UK
2022 - with Paul Bannister (Spirit Talk) UK
2022 - with Chris Stephenson, UK
2021 - with Ingrid Nilsson, Sweden
2019- with Wendy Zammit (Australia)

Here are two interviews (2017 & 2018) that Robert did about his work as a trance medium with Kathy Beltran (USA)

2017 - with Kathy Beltran (USA)
2018 - with Kathy Beltran (USA)
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